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In the past few months awareness has been raised to a great degree, but awareness is not enough. So the question has to be raised what is enough? What can I do personally to help in a way that makes a difference?

Most of us can identify child abuse in one way or another and it comes in many forms, it may be neglect such as malnourishment or being uninvolved as a parent in their childs life, from school bullying or other social interactions. It can be physical and able to be seen by multiple spots of bruising in different stages, cuts and scrapes, burns, missing patches of hair, and head trauma. Although not limited to these identifiers these may be the most recognizable for us.

The trauma from child abuse that is harder to identify is mental abuse and this one may be the most dangerous. The pain and constant torment of mental abuse never has a visible healing, and the open wound of mental abuse may continue on into adulthood. It wrecks havoc with personal relationships and abilities to operate normally in everyday life including the workplace.

The question posed in the beginning of this article asked how can we make a difference, and the answer is not always simple even though it seems like it should be. There is a starting point we at Kids Like AJ Charities would like to offer and that is a call to action. When identifying forms of abuse report immediately, and do so with kindness. If you struggle with abuse know there are those who will help you break this chain! Never be afraid to speak out if it is happening to you!